Private liability company Creative connections s.r.o. in close cooperation with the Laboratory of Biocybernetics and Computer Aided Learning from Charles University Prague is working on:

  • modelling in physiology and pathophysiology
    • working on Modelica physiological library and larger scale integrative models of human body (QHP/Golem – working on Modelica version and beyond)
    • working with mostly large scale models of physiologicy regulations
    • we have ongoing project to model and simulate genomics regulations (we will develop a graphical tool for a genome regulation notation)
  • creating educational simulation games (medical simulators) and e-learning applications for medicine
  • in summary – we are focusing on simulation based e-learning/blended learning in medicine(Modeling and Simulation)
    •  cooperating with computer art graphics school – Hollar’s Art College
    •  professional looking GUIs, especially animations
  • working on tools/framework to enable in-browser Modelica models editing and/or simulation(as a member of Open Source Modelica Consortium)
    CreativeConnections offers a full services in computer graphics, design and advertisement. Please see a dedicated web site: DESIGN.

    • Modelica Editor running in-browser (Silverlight .NET) – to enable collaborative web-based modelling, browsing and testing of Modelica models for the in-browse running models we need OpenModelica compiler retargeted to .NET – now close collaboration with OSMC and MathCore on this